Divorce, also referred to as “dissolution of marriage,” occurs when a marriage is legally terminated. Colorado law governs all matters concerning divorce, legal separation, decision-making and parenting time for your children, child support, alimony/maintenance and division of property. If you are considering a divorce or have been served with divorce papers, it is important to retain the services of an experienced attorney to protect your rights and provide you with the competent legal counsel during the divorce proceedings.

When partners decide to move forward with a divorce, more often than not immense conflict and emotional trauma can ensue, especially when children or substantial assets are involved. For this reason, it is prudent that any person considering divorce speak with a skilled attorney right away. A highly skilled family law attorney should inform the person of their legal options, provide helpful guidance, and protect the person’s rights.

Divorce, whether contested or uncontested, is often a complex legal process. With guidance from the lawyers at Samuel J. Stoorman & Associates, P.C., you will complete the process as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

When you are going through a divorce, there are many difficult decisions to be made. You must decide where to live and how your assets will be distributed. If you have children, you will have to work out the issues of decision-making, parenting time, and child support. A decision that is perhaps equally important to the outcome of your divorce and its impact on your future is your choice of divorce attorney. The attorneys at Samuel J. Stoorman & Associates, P.C. will advise and educate you so that you will be able to make informed and intelligent decisions. Samuel J. Stoorman has been practicing divorce and family law for over 30 years. An attorney from our firm can aggressively represent you and work to negotiate on your behalf so that you can confidently move forward through this changing time in your life.

We can help with all aspects of your divorce:

Uncontested Divorce

Is it possible that you and your spouse can resolve your divorce amicably? If so, an uncontested divorce may be an option for you. An uncontested divorce is when neither party will be opposing any of the points that need to be addressed in your divorce and is often a cost-effective method that allows two people to end their marriage as efficiently and amicably as possible.

Contested Divorce

Dealing with any divorce is difficult enough, but when spouses cannot agree with respect to key issues that must be resolved, they can find themselves facing a contested divorce. An adversarial divorce such as this may not only be expensive and time consuming for both parties involved but may also have a lasting emotional impact on the spouses and any children.

High Net Worth Divorce

In cases involving high net worth, including large estates, numerous properties or substantial business holdings, it is vitally important that you secure the help of an experienced divorce attorney early on in the process. Divorce cases involving high net worth individuals often require extensive discovery, forensic investigation, real estate appraisals and business valuations. Because of these factors, high net worth divorce cases can be more complex to litigate. Samuel J. Stoorman & Associates, P.C. has represented many clients in very complex high net worth divorces, with successful outcomes.

Child Custody

Issues involving child custody can surface in both uncontested and contested divorce cases. If you are attempting to protect your parental rights and secure the best interests of your children without the assistance of a divorce lawyer, you may end up with a less than acceptable outcome of your case.

Child Support

A child’s welfare is the most important concern for of most divorcing parents. When a divorce occurs, the child’s well-being can be greatly affected through economic changes in lifestyle. When confronting the issue of child support, having a divorce attorney is crucial to ensuring your children will have the financial support necessary to maintain their quality of life.

Property Division – Equitable Distribution of Assets

Most couples accumulate many things during their years of marriage. Regardless of the length of your marriage, there will undoubtedly be a good deal of property that belongs to both of you that will need to be divided. The distribution of your assets, property and debts should be done according to your prenuptial agreement (if it is enforceable) or by the laws of the State of Colorado if no such agreement exists. It is very important to have an experienced divorce lawyer in your corner early in the process to protect your rights.

Parenting Time/Visitation

Parents have a right to seek visitation with their children if they do not have physical custody. The only exception may be if a court has determined that the parent poses a threat to the child’s safety and well-being to the point that the child is endangered physically or emotionally. Seeking visitation can be a complicated process, particularly if there are other issues that need to be addressed, such as establishing paternity or enforcing/modifying an existing visitation order. Talk to your attorney to review your parenting plan to ensure that your rights to visitation are not taken advantage of.

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